The Wrocław Aikikai Camp is a unique project for people practicing aikido, weapons, zazen and harai. We live, eat, cook, clean and, above all, train together. This special camp requires intensive work and humility from the participants. For these few days, we are all a community and each of us knows our place. Therefore, this camp is not for sale and only personally invited people take part in it. Thanks to this, we avoid disappointment with the rigor and harsh conditions. If you care enough, you will find us. If not, it’s not worth looking.

The camp takes place at the forest base of the J. Grotowski Institute in Brzezinka, near Wrocław. This raw place, torn from nature, is a sacred place for contemporary theater. For decades, actors and performers have studied J. Grotowski’s method here.
Part of the camp fee is spent on saving this place and renovating the main hall.

All teachers belong to the Birankai system and are students of T. K. Chiba sensei. At the Brzezinka 2024 camp, classes will be conducted by:

  • Jenny Flower shihan, Athens Aikido, Greece
  • Adam Sorkin sensei, Northwest Aikido, USA
  • Piotr Masztalerz sensei, Wrocław Aikikai, Poland
  • Darius Windgate – Pearse sensei, Newcastle, Australia